Wednesday 19 August 2009

Gippsland Gastronome: Competition

Noojee Trestle Bridge

As I mentioned in my three recent posts about my weekend away in Gippsland, thanks to Destination Gippsland and Nuffnang I'm very excited to be able for the first time to offer Melbourne Gastronome readers an opportunity to win a prize giveaway!

The prize is a night's accommodation in a cabin at the Outpost Retreat in Noojee. The cabin is self-contained, sleeps up to six people and your stay can be on the date of your choosing, subject to availability. As your friendly neighbourhood Melbourne Gastronome, I would urge you to treat yourselves to dinner while you're there at the Outpost Restaurant where I enjoyed a fabulous meal on my Saturday night in Gippsland. And as well as wining and dining, you might like to combine your overnight in Noojee with a trip up to nearby Mt Baw Baw: not only is it the closest snow sports resort to Melbourne (2.5 hours drive), it has the cheapest lift ticket prices in Victoria.

So, how to enter the competition? Well, rather than ask you to do a run-of-the-mill "why I should win in 25 words or less" entry, I thought it would be more fun to have POETIC competition entries. To enter, write a haiku or a limerick. The haiku or limerick should be original, and should mention something that is related to Gippsland (eg snow, or mountains, or the bush, or food or wine: see the Destination Gippsland website for inspiration, bonus points if you can mention a food grown in Gippsland - click on the "local produce" link on the site).

Tips on writing haiku can be found here and here. I'm sure you're all smart enough to know how to write limericks!

Alas the competition is only open to those in Victoria, but you Victorians can enter as many times as you like: either leave your haiku/limerick in the comments section of this post, or email it to me directly. The competition will be open until midday (AEST) on Friday 28th August, and I will announced the winner on Monday 31st August.

Good luck, and may your creative juices flow freely!

Gippsland goats


Sticks said...
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Semsavblanc said...

Hi Claire,
I know I'm not elegible so just ignore this:
There was a young lady from Perth
Who craved the best food on Earth
She's sad all the time
'Coz there's nowhere to dine
In this city way out back of Burke

Marcus said...

No laughing here Claire, I'm an open book. My soul lay bare.

25 words, or less,
A difficult task, I'd confess,
But not wine, beer, or brie,
The answer simply must be,
The BEST thing from Gippsland?

PS: Although out of scope, that's a 25 word limerick.

PPS: Excluding the number '25'


Jess said...

There once was a lad named bill
Who ventured to Paynesville
He hired a boat
Ate olives afloat
While wishing to ski baw baw hill

Sam said...

mountains hide secrets
senses awaken, time stops
as Gippsland breathes truth

Effie said...

In a gorgeous vineyard in Gippsland,
Past the majestic vines, in the cellar,
You seduced me with blueberries,
Sweetened me with raspberries,
And I agreed you could become my fella!

Merry said...

tale of woe

My birthday last month was quite bland,
but here Gastronome offered a hand..
oh, it would be sweet
to stay at Retreat
and explore the great hills of Gippsland!!

Bucca said...

A Beer on the ridge is grand

More refreshing than fish on the sand

Those Berries entice

when there's no snow or ice

Black and gold the bedrock of this land

(the last line is of course in ref to the coal mining and gold rush history of the area lol )

E.G. said...

At Ninety-Mile Beach,
Mako Shark beneath the moon,
We saw stars, replete.

Unknown said...

Winter seems too much
Short break to recharge the soul
A gift to Gippsland

Brad said...

Picnic blanket under Trestle bridge
Indulging in Swaffields cheese
Straight from the fridge
Escaping the bright lights just for one night
Ahhh Gippsland, absoulte delight !!!

GS said...

The Koonwarra Store
Steals too many words for a
Real cheesy haiku

Barbarella said...

Suddenly I’m inspired by Gippsland,
Craving Lakes Entrance fishery prawns with chips and
Olives, oils and cheeses,
Into fresh salty breezes,
throwing olives to see where the pips land.

Desci said...

Here are five, for your consideration

Eight weeks of detox
And work without pause for months
God, we need a break!

Packed trams, office lights,
Verses green, snow, peace, quiet
City girl needs rest!

Never seen snow fall
Never seen a chook shed bar
It's time for a change

Traffic light turns red
Think of lunch spent at my desk
Dream of View Cafe

Gorgrgeous green Gippsland
Or prole-y, priggish Preston
My weekend choice made

Anonymous said...

Frances’ cousin Rachel newborn
With parents lives in Gippsland
Rules the roost