Sunday, 9 August 2009

Two taste sensations I feel compelled to share with you

Ruby blood naval

Exhibit A is a Ruby Blood Navel, a hybrid piece of fruit that combines ruby grapefruit, blood orange and navel orange in a delicious, bitter/sweet, citrusy ménage à trois. It looks gorgeous, the juicy orange flesh taking on a very faint purple hue, and it tastes... amazing.

Ruby blood naval

Cam at Damian Pike's figured I might like it so he sold me one last Saturday. I went back this Saturday and bought four more. I intend to go back next Saturday to buy several more. They're only going to be in season for a few weeks, so hurry on down if you're keen (and tell 'em Claire sent you)... :)

Ruby blood naval

Exhibit B is the chocolate spiced pudding ($15) at Portello Rosso. Went to Portello Rosso on Friday with Miss T for lunch pizze (I can recommend the pizza called The Shizzle: pear, jamón, blue-veined queso de valdeón and roquette), and on a whim we decided to share the chocolate pudding.

Spiced chocolate pudding

For the first six or so seconds after eating a mouthful it was just lovely hot gooey saucy chocolate pudding, and then OH MY GOD THE SPICES: cinnamon, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper and a hint of smoked paprika. Extraordinarily good.


Reemski said...

oh my, that pudding sounds divine!

t said...

That pudding was the best impulse purchase ever!

Katya said...

I bought some of those oranges at the Vic Market the other day, so delicious.
Chocolate pudding also looks amazing.

claire said...

It sure was, Reemski! I know the puddle of melted ice cream makes it look a little messy, but the taste was something else.

Aw Miss T, you are so right. Let's wait a few weeks, then go back and get it again! xx

Hi Katya, thanks. I was telling a friend over lunch about the oranges and she immediately said I ought to poach them: think I might get a bit creative in the kitchen tomorrow night. :)

Vito said...

Sorry, I have the need to correct you regarding the Ruby Blood Navel. This variety has no relationship with Blood Oranges as their colour is derived from Lycopene instead of Anthocyanin. I am rather annoyed that they are marketing them with the blood title which will only serve to confuse the consumers who are looking for the real and true-to-type Blood Orange varieties.