Monday 2 July 2007

King / Bourke Quest Part 3 : Nasi Lemak, Thosai at Riks Maha

Riks Maha
Shop H, Healeys Lane, 535 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne (map)
9670 2466

The search for tasty food in the vicinity of King and Bourke Streets continues. Happily, last week my colleague L introduced me to a great little place that does Indian/Malaysian/Sri Lankan/Vegetarian/Singaporean (yes, they fit all that on their business card!) food. It's called Riks Maha and is located in Healeys Lane, which runs from Lon to Lt Lon between William and King. Its sister restaurant is called Rich Maha, which is located on Little Collins near the corner of Elizerbeth St, according to its website... :) Both dish up no-frills tasty curries from the bain marie at extremely good prices. On my first visit I decided to try one of my favourite dishes, nasi lemak.

Nasi Lemak at Riks Maha

Now, this nasi lemak was nowhere NEAR as pretty as the one I'd had the other week at Chili Padi, but it was cheaper and very very tasty. Hooray, found a place walking distance from the office that does great nasi lemak! As I was happily chowing down on that dish, my friend C was tucking in to a scrumptious-looking dosai (South Indian pancake, which has many spelling variants - at Riks Maha they spell it thosai) which cost all of $5. It looked so nice that a few days later I went back and tried it myself:

Dosai at Riks Maha

This one also comes highly recommended. As you can see, the dosai came out nice and perky, with a good balance of softness and crispness. It was filled with a veggie masala, and came with side serves of sambar and chutney. The sambar, with its mustard seeds and fragant spices, was particularly good. RM will become a regular lunch haunt, methinks..

Riks Maha, sadly, has now closed. But here is what I think of its replacement...

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thanh7580 said...

Hi Claire, thanks for pointing out the dosai for me. What a coincidence that we both ate at Rich Maha (sister restaurant) at about the same time and our friends both got the dosai. The mee goreng at Rich Maha is good too, so its probably will be good at Riks Maha too. Try it out and see what you think.