Sunday 29 July 2007

King / Bourke Quest Part 5 : Crêpe at Choix

Choix Crêperie Cafe
620 Collins St (laneway), Melbourne (map)
9629 1883

I’d hear whispers about a crêperie around the corner from work, near the Station Formerly Known as Spencer Street Station. I read Liz Cincotta’s Epicure review and thought “hey, it sounds pretty good”, so went down there the other day to meet my friend F for lunch. Choix is in the same laneway as Blufish and does a variety of savoury and sweet crêpes.

Mushroom spinach taleggio crepe at Choix

I’m sorry to say it, but this place got the thumbs down. The crêpe was pretty average: the filling of mushroom, baby spinach and taleggio was fine, but the crêpe itself was dry, leathery and flavourless. As you can see from the photo, all the filling was tucked into one fold of the crêpe – all the other folds were dry and empty and frankly inedible. As for the venue itself, I’m not sure whether or not it has changed hands since the Epicure review, but F and I found it an unpleasant dining venue because of the lingering smell of old grease and bleach. I think they need to invest in better ventilation! I don’t like writing negative reviews, but that was our experience and I’m afraid I won’t be heading back there any time soon... if anyone has had a different experience there I'd like to hear about it!


Truffle said...

I have been intending to go here for awhile so am glad I read this and know to give it a miss. Cheers!

Serenity Later said...

i'm sorry to hear about your dodgy creperie (or perhaps craperie?) encounter! i didn't think it was possible to get crepes wrong but there you go! oh well, there's always fraus or breizoz or aix. i always wanted to try this place out too but maybe not.

M said...

Try AIX creperie on Degraves Lane instead!

jfox said...

oh dear mutemonkey. i had a bad experience there a while ago too and haven't been back since.
it is tough to be negative, but we appreciate your honesty!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just discoverd your blog, Mutemonkey although I've seen you comment on other blogs I like.

I've been to Choix more than once and I agree with you, the filling is nice but the crepes aren't very good. I found them chewy and leathery as well.

I thought the place was nice though, and the service was friendly and welcoming.