Tuesday 3 July 2007

No nausea at Norsiah's

In a recent blog about one of my culinary obsessions (nasi lemak) I mentioned my favourite nasi lemak place in Melbourne, Norsiah's Kitchen. I never seem to get up near Melbourne Uni any more so I haven't blogged about it yet, but mentioned that antirealmadrid had reviewed it on his blog.

Norsiah's Kitchen is an unpretentious bain marie place specialising in Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian food on Swanston St in Carlton, just south of Grattan St. I discovered it early last year by literally following my nose from the tram stop in the direction of the spicy goodness wafting from its door. It is run by a friendly Malaysian couple who give students a 10% discount, and my uni friends and I loved visiting it for the nasi lemak and sinful $2 fried chicken drumsticks.

Fast forward to today: my uni friend L writes me an excited email alerting me to the fact that our humble little Norsiah's (which previously had almost zero presence on the web - I'd tried in vain to google its address) was reviewed today in Matt Preston's column in the Epicure! Given our protective fondness for the place, L and I both felt like proud parents reading the review.

Here is MP's review. He doesn't think much of the rendang, but the review is otherwise pretty good. He mentions the "stink bean" petai and their unusual taste - much as I pride myself on tasting (almost) anything at least once, I decided petai really just weren't for me when I tried them once at Norsiah's in a mee goreng.

Oh, and Matt Preston totally stole our little joke of calling it "Nausea's Kitchen"! It was always an affectionate and silly little pun on our part though - none of us ever had nausea after a visit to Norsiah's...


Anonymous said...

Hey Hey, I just ate at Norsiah's. It is indeed awesome.

IronEaters said...

hi. yea, my fren said the restaurant is quite good and he quite like it. I must go down n try =) As for the joke, I just told my fren today about this restaurant and she frowned at me n said :"Nausea's Kitchen?"... lol

Anonymous said...

hi guys. thanx for the compliments cos my parents are the owners of the cafe and my brothers and I help run it together.
as for the nausea joke...we get it all the time but it is actually my mum's name and it's meant to be pronounced with a roll in the R like NORRR-SEE-YAH.
we appreciate your clientele very much.