Friday, 22 June 2007

Advice wanted: imminent brunch in Sydney!

Was wondering whether all you lovely people out there could give me a good recommendation for a sensational brunch venue in Sydney - I'll be up there next weekend. I had been thinking of trying bills, but after both mellie and adski had diappointing visits, would like to try somewhere else... any ideas?


Cindy said...

If you're into yum cha for brunch, I highly recommend Bodhi! I went there a few months ago and you can see what I ate here.

Adski said...

When we were in Sydney, we didnt really head out for brunch, but if you get a chance, please, please, go to Cremorne, just across the bridge and try Papaya. It's amazing Thai food and is a beautiful restaurant.You will need to book though as it was full each time we went (3 times in a week!) I want to go back to Sydney, just to go back to Papaya!

Truffle said...

Definitely The Bather's Pavilion. Pricey but stunning views and a very Sydney experience (that could be the homesick Sydney girl talking).

Jackie Middleton said...

If its just about brunch ie fancy eggs, then either bills (1 or 2-just be prepared for a wait) or you could try Le Petit Creme on Darlinghurst rd, love the crepes and eggs benedict there.

Jen said...

I recommend the eggs at Bills, although if you do go on a weekend you will definitely have to wait. But you probably don't want to be doing that in the cold.

If you are looking for a casual brunch and are willing to go a little bit out of the way with no pretty view to look at then try Brasserie Bread in Botany Bay. The place is near the airport.

They have won a heap of awards for their sourdoughs and their breakfast menu is quite inexpensive. I had the sourdough panacakes with honeycomb cream and berries and that was beautiful.

claire said...

Thank you so much for all your suggestions!

You know how it is... when you're travelling to visit extended family, suddenly the whole thing gets taken out of your hands. I had booked a table of eight at Papaya on Friday night, but my Sydney rellies insisted we go to a pizza restaurant instead (which actually turned out to be pretty nice). Then on Sunday brunch it had already been arranged we were going to the infamous bills! Will be blogging those experiences soon.

Thanks again for your input. Hopefully I will be able to head up there again sometime soon and be in charge of choosing dining destinations... :)