Monday, 11 June 2007

King / Bourke Quest Part 2: Noodles from Yen

Yen Sushi & Noodles
530 Little Collins St (map)

Part 2 of the quest to find decent food in the vicinity of King and Bourke streets in the CBD found me one lunchtime last week jonesing for some hawker noodles.

A few weeks previously I'd tried the only South East Asian restaurant in the area according to yourRestaurants, OzAsia, and had been rather underwhelmed with the results (though I will revisit it and review it sometime soon). The only viable alternative for me on a limited lunch hour was the dreaded Food Court Noodles.

I say dreaded because I'd tried the noodles in the food court at Bourke Place and they were pretty terrible - but then a friend told me about a miniature food court in Little Collins St, around behind the ASX building. I wandered down there with her to find that this food court housed a branch of Yen Sushi & Noodles, which (like Blufish) also has a CBD branch in Centre Place.

Chicken mee goreng with flat rice noodles from Yen

I ordered flat rice noodles (love the slimy texture) with chicken plus mee goreng sauce - a combination which could well have a hawker noodle purist rolling her/his eyes in horror!

The noodles at Yen are never going to set the world on fire, but as food court noodles go they're not bad at all. The vegetables are always fresh and plentiful, the mee goreng sauce has a good kick to it and the fact that their noodles come with a wedge of fresh lemon puts them ahead of the rest in my opinion!

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