Tuesday 5 June 2007

King / Bourke Quest Part 1: Fisherman's Basket at Blufish

620 Collins St, shop G23 (map)
9614 1476

Ever since I started my new job three months ago, I have been whinging to friends about the lack of decent food in easy proximity to my building at the intersection of King and Bourke streets in the CBD. This is the first in a series of reviews recounting my valiant efforts to find delicious food in this neck of the woods - further suggestions for future venues are warmly encouraged.

Happily, both ElegantGourmand and adski had already given me a few tips. I started with a place both had recommended as the best bite to eat in the area, Blufish. Blufish is located in a teensy little alleyway off Collins St near Spencer St, and is reputedly the best fish and chipper in the CBD. I went there for lunch last week and decided getting fish and chips would be a good indicator of the quality of the place.

Blufish has stainless steel benches for diners and a friendly, bustling atmosphere, and has another CBD branch in Centre Place (the alleyway across Flinders Lane from Degraves St).

Fisherman's Basket at Blufish

This is the Fisherman's Basket, only without the basket.. :)

As you can see, it consisted of two fish 'bites' (choices that day were sea bass, blue eye and flake - I had the sea bass), two calamari rings, a seafood stick, a potato cake and chips.
The good: the fish bites and calamari rings were fresh, delicious and exquisitely tender (seriously, the calamari rings were melt-in-the-mouth perfect; I'm always amazed when people can get them that soft), with very good batter - plus the tartare sauce served in a scallop shell was a nice touch.
The bad: I'm not really a fan of seafood stick or potato cakes, plus the whole thing was deep fried overload! Not that this is exactly the fault of the good people at Blufish - perhaps I should've tried something else instead. The chips were good, but not great. I will definitely return, but next time will go for either the fish burger adski recommended, or get a few fish bites or calamari rings with a big serve of salad...

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