Sunday 3 July 2011

Brunswick brunch at the lovely Miss Marmalade

Miss Marmalade
126 Union Street, Brunswick (map)
9388 8202

Miss Marmalade pictures

A few weeks ago I met my two best friends, b-f-K and Schatzi, for brunch up in Brunswick. We were accompanied by the latter's husband and two year old son, and selected Miss Marmalade as our destination on the basis of Schatzi's description of it as cute, cosy and child-friendly.

Miss Marmalade interior

The coffee is Five Senses (on a Synesso machine, natch) and the all day breakfast menu is joined by a light lunch menu from midday. We're also talking single origin teas, La Madre bread and Green eggs.

We managed to score the prized corner booth in the window, which afforded us a good view of the busy cafe interior. Love the tram scroll on the wall!

Miss Marmalade corner boothSugar

Both Schatzi and I ordered the huevos rancheros ($14.50): rather than traditional corn tortillas, there were two sweet corn fritters topped with a fried egg, roast tomato salsa, guacamole and a side serve of sweet hots. My kind of brunch dish: the corn fritters were not at all doughy (as can often be the case), and those pickles were mouth-wateringly good.

Huevos Rancheros

Schatzi's husband ordered the eggs benny, which came with leg ham off the bone, homemade corn bread and a formidable-looking brick of hash browns ($15.90). B-f-K went with the Jacks cheddar on sourdough with vine-ripened tomatoes, rosemary and bacon ($12.90). Both reported back favourably on their dishes.

Bacon Eggs BennyJacks Cheddar

The back room at Miss Marmalade is kitted out with toys and children's furniture, making it a great place to bring groups of kids. Parents' groups, take note! It's not something I've had to really be conscious of in the past, but given that Schatzi has just had another baby (yay!), can anyone recommend other child-friendly - but good - brunch destinations?

Miss Marmalade back roomMiss Marmalade corridor


little eats said...

Congrats on your new friends little bundle of joy! Miss Marmalade is one of our fave family-friendly brunch spots and that back room is a god-send. For other ideas have a wee look at my website - we have over 100 reviews of kid-friendly Melbourne cafes. So lots of places to visit with your friend and her little ones... and lots to avoid when you are out and about sans friends with bebes! :)

Paul said...

next time you should try pennyroyal (next door). great service, top food (breakfast pizza - as wrong as it sounds - is outstanding), and fantastic coffee. feels as though it is run by a bunch of friends and is tres relax-ed and -ing. also kid friendly if that helps...

Unknown said...

Melbourne brunch I miss you! Love that you are having to find baby friendly brunch places - I am finding myself in a similar position - is a whole new set of considerations...

Anonymous said...

Miss Marmalade rocks. As for Penny Royal next door, well, the two occassions I've been Miss M's, Penny Royal has had no one in the store. And that only means one thing. I really, really hope that nobody puts down Birdy Num-Nums as a great place to go. The food is average, and that may be embellishing a bit


Anonymous said...

I want to try that corn fritter dish! I'll be sure to head to Miss Marmalade's soon!

Amanda said...

Check out Hey Bambini for all the best child friendly cafes in Melbourne. Jolie has reviewed too many to count!

Anonymous said...

Oooh goody, am having mini-break right there soon, with kids, perfect for us. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

Annnnd... regarding other spots, Small Block in East Brunswick, Lygon I think, is good, they have toys and little tables. Also love Pope Joan, East Brunswick too. I weather permitting, kids love the garden, last time there they were chasing butterflies and another little girl brought in her full size, moving, neighing, carrot eating pony into the garden. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi claire! Great to meet you last night!

I live next door to Miss Marmalade… great coffee…. Don’t bother with Penny Royal their coffee is *terrible* and their food is pretty bad as well.

Two fit and fun gals said...

love the picture frames on the wall cute :)