Monday, 31 March 2008

Post-R4K brunch at Flavours of Lakhoum

Flavours of Lakhoum
175 Swan St, Richmond (map)
9425 9805

Caffe Latte at Flavours of Lakhoum

One of the (justifiably) famous coffees made by Flavours of Lakhoum's barista and co-owner, Chris Phillips. And the best part is that it tastes just as good as it looks!

Had brunch at Flavours of Lakhoum yesterday with six fellow Richmond Mafia members. Three of our group had just participated in the Run pour les Petits Enfants and after 14km running up and down the Bolte and through the Domain Tunnel (GULP), DJ, J and Z had well and truly earned a hearty meal...

Avocado on toast

Z, who is vegetarian, went for the Open Avocado Toast ($8.50), which looked just sensational. I'll be getting it next time for sure. Z reported back that the tomato and avocado were extremely fresh and tasty, and she loved the lashings of torn basil.

Eggs Benedict

J was halfway through eating these Eggs Benedict (about $12, from memory) when a serve of Eggs Florentine arrived at the table and he realised he'd been eating B's brunch instead... lucky B didn't mind. :) The meals DID trickle out of the kitchen in a rather ragged fashion, but Lakhoum was jam-packed full at the time. Clearly, determined weekend brunch punters aren't put off by the fact that Swan Street is hardly a pretty picture on a Sunday morning - especially since the Precinct opened... having to sidestep the dried pools of vomit outside the latter establishment on my daily walk to the station is hardly glam, but on the plus side I have Lakhoum a few minutes walk from my house, so can't complain too much I suppose...

Flavours of Lakhoum breakfast

My brunch, the Flavours of Lakhoum Breakfast ($13), consisted of eggs on Turkish bread, tomato, olives, sliced cucumber, fresh baby spinach leaves and a wedge of sharp-flavoured feta: it was excellent. I'll do a second post about Lakhoum sometime in the next few months to cover a few more overtly Middle Eastern dishes from their lunch menu. My advice is to try and visit the cafe outside of peak hours, so that Chris has time to create an artwork in ALL of your coffees!

Flavours of Lakhoum


Sarah said...

That all looks really tasty! I especially like the look of the coffee, the open avocado toast and the flavours of Lakhoum breakfast!

I'll have to give that place a try!

xox Sarah

Agnes said...

Omg, that coffee art is fantastic! :)

Hungry Hamster said...

Ooh! That's probably the prettiest coffee art I've seen!

Anonymous said...

oh, this post made me want to cry for what's lost....
you might want to update this post warning people it's not like this any more.
Love the blog, by the way!