Sunday 30 March 2008

Bloggers Banquet Mark 2, etc

Rob's sketch #1

Just in case some of you fellow food bloggers haven't heard about it, next Saturday afternoon PG from the blog A Goddess in the Kitchen is hosting the second Melbourne Food Bloggers Banquet at her Dromana abode, Chez Fur du Mer.

The first Bloggers Banquet, organised by Ed from Tomato, was held last November - I wrote about the experience here. It was great to put faces to usernames, chat about our shared interests and of course eat some sensational food. I'm looking forward to seeing many of the nice folk I met last time again, as well as meeting some newbies... if you're thinking of coming but not sure, don't let the fact that it may feel a little like a blind date en masse put you off! I'm still trying to work out what the hell I'm going to bring along - I was thinking of making my Free Form Cheese Cake with stewed rhubarb and praline, but I'm out at a friend's birthday drinks the night before so not sure when I'll have the time to prepare it!

The event is open to all food bloggers; check PG's post on the banquet for details.

Rob's sketch #3

Easter was an epic gastronomic weekend - posts showing the fabulous meals we had will follow shortly. Much of this dining was with R & S, two family friends and gourmands from London who earned my undying love and gratitude many years ago for taking me into their home and under their wing, at a time of extreme emotional crisis on my part (never get your young foolish heart broken by an English drummer if you can help it!). Accompanying this post are sketches which R did earlier this month in Tasmania - aren't they brilliant? I'd give my right arm for the ability to draw like that but seeing as I'm right-handed it would rather defeat the purpose... :)

Oh, and just quietly, in between bouts of laughter watching Armstrong & Miller's WWII RAF sketches, I've been reading Jack's two posts about Giuseppe Arnoldo & Sons (see Ed's post on GA&S too) and I have to say, I'm getting seriously tempted to break my boycott of Crown and all establishments located in its Complex... whaddya think, worth it?

Rob's sketch #2

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GS said...

Good to hear there is still someone else out there boycotting Crown. I thought I was the last one left (though Nobu and Rockpool are tempting).

Nice drawings!