Wednesday 19 March 2008

Being interviewed on ABC Radio today!

Eek! I'm being interviewed today on ABC Radio Canberra about the facebook group I started called "The Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book is awesome" (which I have already written about on Melbourne Gastronome here).

I'm due to be on the Afternoon Show sometime between 1:30-2:30pm local (and Melbourne) time (luckily, I can work my lunch hour around this)... and the big news is that hopefully Pamela Clark, the author of all the Australian Women's Weekly recipe books and director of the AWW test kitchen, will also be on the air with me!!

You can't listen to it on the radio unless you live in the 'berra, but it can be streamed live online here, so listen in if you've got the time. Wish me luck!!

Well, unfortunately for ABC listeners Pamela Clark had a scheduling conflict, so it was just me as Genevieve Jacob's guest. I hope I sounded okay... Genevieve was lovely and friendly, and my favourite part of the interview was when we joked about how creepy the Rubber Ducky cake looks with his popcorn afro, liquorice eyeliner and salty chip beak! It was good hearing her dial-in listeners sharing their AWW birthday cake stories on air too. The producer has promised to email me a recorded copy of the interview so that Mum can have a listen. Now, back to work!! :)


Agnes said...

Wow, how cool! Wish I could listen but I'll be in a meeting. Good luck - I hope it goes well. :)

Cindy said...

How exciting! Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great. :-)

Lucy said...


I'll bet you were great. And that your mum will be thrilled by your performance!

stickyfingers said...

Congratulations! Sorry I missed it, but hope you'll post a podcast once you have the audio files. Nice one! Hope you'll fill us in on the experience at BB2.

Serenity Later said...

Gah i should be checking on the blogs more often and more carefully! When i first read this i thought 'woo! i'm right on time to catch this' Um no, try 24 hrs too late. Sorry i missed it, i like Stickyfingers suggestion of podcasting this!

Jon! said...

Deinitely podcast it if you can. I also just missed it but would be interested in hearing how it went.