Tuesday 21 August 2007

Commercial Bakery (revisited)

Commercial Bakery
Rear 360 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne (map)
9670 7214

In late May I reviewed the newly-opened Commercial Bakery, tucked into the side of an alleyway off Lt Collins St. On that occasion I had an almond and chocolate danish, which I really liked, and I left with intentions to revisit the bakery one lunchtime and sample their savoury fare. Recently I did just that over lunch with a colleague of mine, M. We sat facing the bakery itself: they've now opened up the back room for patrons.

Back room at Commercial Bakery

M and I shared two meals: one was the beetroot, caramelised onion and goats curd (and lettuce) sandwich that had caught my eye the previous time I'd perused the menu. It was delicious - great combination of flavours and the bread was (as you'd hope) extremely fresh and soft.

Beetroot, caramelised onion and gots curd sandwich at Commercial Bakery

We also had the mushroom tartlet, which rather than being studded with mushrooms was a plain quiche hidden under a mountain of fleshy field mushrooms. It was accompanied by a little salad with a light vinaigrette. I proabably would've preferred the mushrooms to be embedded in it, but on the plus side the pastry was very tasty.

Mushroom tarlet at Commercial Bakery

Please let me know of any dishes you've enjoyed there!


Truffle said...

This sounds lovely! I wish it was closer to my work. Looks great.

IronEaters said...

oo..heard of this place a few times but haven't got a chance to step in n try. sounds good though esp the mushroom tartlet.

Anonymous said...

the wholemeal croissants from the bakery is not to be missed! especially fresh out of the oven in the morning

claire said...

Yeah, it's a great place. My colleague M reported to me yesterday that they've now turned the back room into a slightly posher dining affair, with hot food and no sandwiches - but sandwiches are still available at the front.

A wholemeal croissant? I'll have to go back there again soon...

Anonymous said...

Its "normal" croissant is tasty too!