Friday 3 August 2007

King / Bourke Quest Part 6 : Trevally wrap at Cafe Illia

Cafe Illia
180 William St (cnr Lt Bourke St), Melbourne (map)
9640 0422

Cafe Illia is nestled deep in the heart of Melbourne's legal precinct; hemmed in by the Supreme Court, the Old High Court building, the Law Institute of Victoria and the building site of a new skyscraper (called CBW ("Corner Bourke and William") which, interestingly, will be the first high rise office building in Australia to be awarded a 5 star Green Star rating), future home to law firm Blake Dawson Waldron. It is not uncommon to walk into Illia and see bewigged barristers standing in front of the coffee machine, awaiting the barista to serve up a quick macchiato before court resumes... whilst Illia's clientele does extend beyond the legal profession, in this part of the city it's mostly professionals.

Cafe Illia

Illia serves up great hot breakfasts and a lunch menu slanted toward Italian bistro fare, but what I like best are the freshly made wraps and pide from the display cabinet. The most interesting one, in my opinion, is the roti wrap with poached trevally, pesto, mayonnaise, baby spinach and sun-dried tomatoes (see below). It's pretty rare to see any fish other than tuna or salmon in a wrap, but the poched trevally works a treat - the moistness of the fish and mayo is a great contrast with the chewiness of the roti, plus there's a zing in your mouth each time you come across one of the SDTs. Highly recommended!

Trevally wrap


Ali-K said...

I just came across your King/Bourke Quest and proceeded to read them all! I think you might work in the same building as my boyfriend S-bo! He often laments about the quality of food down his end. I sent him the links!

Truffle said...

I've walked past this place a few times but never eaten there. Perhaps it's time to change that!

Jayne said...

The review was really good!
I actually didn't realise there was a new skyscraper around the city..

Do you know if BDW's going to be the only law firm in CBW? Must check out the place to see why it's been rated 5 stars ;)

How much did the wrap set you back by?

IronEaters said...

wow..sounds good, must keep this place in mind..=)

Dana said...

I tried it and didn't like it, won't go back.

Service - lousy. Brisk 'get out of here when you're done' attitude that I don't need at breakfast. Some coffees arrived way too late.

Atmosphere - noisy, which is OK at times. No air con.

Food - average. None of us had dishes that made us go 'wow'.

Prices - higher than average, but who cares if you're a barrister! (I'm not)