Thursday 15 January 2009

Pizza My Love

Pizza Meine Liebe
231 High Street, Northcote (map)
9482 7001

I'm very sad that CJ (good friend, partner-in-crime and fellow pho/chilli oil dumpling/dirty martini enthusiast) is MOVING overseas on Sunday. One of our last excursions out together was a recent low key evening in Northcote - pizze at Pizza Meine Liebe and then a gig at the Northcote Social Club (to see Hey Rosetta!, a Canadian indie rock that seamlessly incorporated a violin and cello into the usual line-up of instruments).

If you don't know Pizza Meine Liebe, shame on you. It's a great little pizzeria in High Street, and it's one of my favourites in Melbourne (along with Woodstock, Ladro, I Carusi and Pizze e Fichi). Beautiful thin crust pizze with interesting ingredients.

Pizza Meine Liebe

A and P joined us for dinner and the gig. CJ and A shared a large PML Capricciosa ($19.50), which had tomato, mozzarella, oregano, porcini mushrooms, olives and prosciutto. Be aware that the olives at PML are not pitted - CJ nearly broke a tooth chomping in to one!

Capricciosa pizza

As usual I was unable to resist ordering a pizza with porcini, but because I wasn't in a meaty mood I ordered a small Haus Special ($15), which also had tomato, buffalo mozzarella, olives, oregano and anchovies. It was great. Isn't melted buffalo mozzarella the best thing ever?

Haus special pizza

Of the four of us, P ordered the most adventurous pizza - the Tom Cooper ($14) with tomato, mascarpone, chives, red onion, chilli, Tom's smoked salmon and salmon roe. As a rule I don't usually like seafood (not counting anchovies!) on tomato based pizze, but P and I swapped a quarter slice and I decided I liked it.

Tom cooper pizza

We also ordered two tasty salads to share: on the left is one with salad leaves, fresh pear, sheep's milk fetta, walnuts and vinaigrette ($9.50) and on the right is the Blue salad with cos leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and a light gorgonzola mayonnaise ($9).

Fetta and pear saladBlue Salad

Don't let the picture of an empty table below deceive you: given PML's popularity I would definitely recommend booking in advance! :)

Pizza Meine Liebe


Unknown said...

Ladro was my favourite when I was in Melbourne - the thin crusts there with a wood smoked flavour - sensational!

claire said...

Agreed, Ladro is also great. I once had some deep fried olives there that were indescribably good. :)

bunchesmcginty said...

Hmm, I have to say that I find Ladro a little overrated.

I love this place, and funnily enough, five people I know have been there in the last two days...WITHOUT ME.

I do love DOC for pizza, despite not using woodfire ovens, as well as Cafe Bedda.

Unknown said...

It is worth booking there but be warned they only take 5pm or 8pm bookings, so plan your night accordingly.

claire said...

Good point about the two sittings for bookings Clare (though are you sure it's 5pm for the first one? I think they'll normally take a 6pm booking)... I should've mentioned it the first time around. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

have you heard pizza meine liebe has a sisiter resturant in carlton nthcalled bande a part? highly recommended