Sunday 16 November 2008

Soupytwist at Co Do

Bun Bo Hue Co Do
196 Victoria Street, Richmond (map)
9421 2418

Co Do

Met up with B on Victoria Street for hangover soup (aka soupytwist) last Sunday. It was a toss-up between pho and Shouting Box dumplings in chilli oil soup, but in the end we selected the former. I introduced B to Co Do, a great little Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant almost directly across the road from the Shouting Box.

Co Do

B went for the classic Pho Bo ($7.50). It came out good and peppery.

Co Do pho

I felt like trying something a bit different, so ordered one of the Bun Bo Hue soups that Co Do specialises in: Bun Bo Hue Thit Bo Tai (Hue Traditional Vietnamese Style Chilli Beef Soup with Sliced Rare Beef, $8). While I prefer the thinner rice noodles in pho to the udon-like noodles in Bun Bo Hue, I still really loved this soup - the broth was not too spicy, and the lemongrass didn't drown out the other flavours.

Co Do soup

B and I were very impressed with the shared garnish platter they offered. I've only ever been to Co Do for pho - has anyone tried any of their other dishes?

If I'm feeling brave next time, I'll order the Bun Bo Hue Dac Biet (Hue Traditional Vietnamese Style Chilli Beef Soup with sliced beef, pork, beef loaf, pork hock, prawn cake and BLOOD)... if I can talk myself out of my squeamish position vis a vis consuming blood, that is! :)

Co Do


Anonymous said...

Hhmm ... I've tried the Blood and I have to say that I'm not a real fan. Its that irony taste that I have a problem with. Its the same for most offal (except pork intestine and trip which I love). And there's usually at least 4 big squarish chunks in the soup that you have to manouevre round with your chopsticks and spoon. I do love the spicy broth, but when they overdo the 5 spice it can be a little overpowering and you're already sick of the flavour halfway through.

thanh7580 said...

You have to try dac biet next time. I just love Bun Bo Hue Dac Biet. But I always ask for no blood. I'm not squeamish about it as I eat all types of offal and other parts of animals, but I too hate that iron taste in the blood. Otherwise I love the beef loaf and pork hock the most. Most places don't quite cook the hock long enough so that it's nice and soft though.

cltyw said...

my husband loves their stir fry lemongrass chicken

Anonymous said...

the blood is ok. personally i think it tastes of nothing. i ate most of it, but could happily have had it without.