Monday 22 October 2007

King / Bourke Quest Part 9: Sakura Don at Sakura Sushi Express

Sakura Sushi Express
Shop C 389 Lonsdale St, Melbourne (map)
9670 1709

Sakura Don at Sakura Sushi Express

How sensational does this look?! On Thursday we were in Hardware Lane and chose to grab a quick bite at Sakura Sushi Express, a great little Japanese place on the corner of Hardware Lane and Lonsdale Street. It's next door to Golden Monkey, one of my favourite bars in the city. It was a warm sunny afternoon with a north wind blowing pollen all over the place, so I didn't feel like anything too hot 'n heavy. I chose the Sakura Don, which consists of fresh raw salmon and tuna with tamago, seaweed and Japanese sweet vegetables. It was served on a bed of steamed rice with a side serve of special sauce containing mango juice and shichimi.

It tasted as fresh and delicious as it looks!


Truffle said...

Looks like the perfect lunch for the warmer weather. What are the prices like? Gorgeous photo!

Anonymous said...

On your recommendation, I popped past at lunchtime today. In a hurry, I just bought two handrolls (spicy chicken). Not bad, though slightly pricey at $2.50. Their handroll range was interesting, but heavy on seafood. The place is very very popular with the students at the various colleges nearby!

claire said...

Truffle: From memory I think it was $10.50. I'll go back and check one lunchtime this week :)

Duncan: Ooh, glad you took my recommendation! I've only been there the once for that sakura don, will try their handrolls another time.

Speaking of handroll ranges, have you tried some from the range at Kenzan @ GPO? I had a tempura spider crab handroll there a few weeks ago that looked pretty freaky :)

Anonymous said...

I've just been to Sakura Sushi Express for the first time and am very impressed! Although they mixed up my order (probably my fault to be honest as i ordered off the menu) they made up for it by giving me a free miso soup AND a fully stamped loyalty card.
Food was excellent too. Try the chicken katsu curry don...GORGEOUS! And the cheapest i've found for proper Japanses meals by far!