Wednesday 23 May 2007

Just what Melbourne needs - another damn flogger

I was going to write 'Just what Melbourne needs - another bloody flogger', but decided that conjured up a rather gory mental image... :)

Anyway, yes, I've decided to start my own little food blog chronicling my gastronomic adventures here in Melbourne, foodie capital of Australia. Sadly, I have recently started working full time in what at first appears to be the culinary wasteland of the CBD (King St)... but I will be making valiant efforts to uncover the hidden treasures of this little pocket of the world, as well as venturing farther afield when I get the chance. Whilst I cannot hope to match the flogging prowess of tummy rumbles or adski, you've gotta start somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Mate, it is a wasteland there (Kingstreet). I started riding my bike to work so I could get further afield at lunchtime.

Anonymous said...

Haha...prowess?!? I would call it madness ;-)

Congratulations on starting your blog! I look forward to reading your reviews, as I've enjoyed your comments on my blog and your reviews on mcity.

May the food be with you ;-)

thanh7580 said...

Welcome to the Food Blogging World. Hope you can uncover some hidden gems in the city for the rest of us.

Adski said...

You go girlfriend! Looking forward to checking out all your foodie adventures!
Up until a few weeks ago, I worked in spencer st and I found a few little places around the area that were worth checking out. Minx coffee, just next to boost juice in that little alley way just off collins near spencer, apparently has the best coffee around. (i dont drink it) there's a couple of little crepe places around too, there's AIX and another one next to Minx. The best find in the area is also in the same laneway and it's Blufish, fish n chips! It's so good! I keep meaning to review it, but have never gotten around to it. The grilled fish is great, so too are the chicken burgers. Also, king st isn't far from Cafe Vue (part of vue de monde on lt collins, just over william). ...and you might not realise it, but king st, really isn't far from the vic market either! I'd rather be back at spencer st, than my horrible new home of the Docklands. Every place charges a minimum of $10 for anything for lunch. Lucky I have a scooter and can ride back into town for lunch! All the best!

Jackie Middleton said...

Hey there, not so mute monkey...!
Congrats on the blog and thanks for the link, look forward to keeping an eye on your site and stories in the future.

claire said...

Thanks for the messages of welcome, guys!

Adski, thanks for the tips, mellie's fella also recommended Blufish... hmm, might head down there today for lunch... :)
Yeah, I love Cafe Vue (especially the oh-so-poncy lunchbox complete with dressing in test tube mellie reviewed a while back), and I've had a good feed at Benito's recently.
My condolences for your having moved office to the Docklands - I'll look out for you on your scooter...