Monday 2 January 2012

Fortnightly round-up (2 January)

Beatrix beaters

A happy new year to all! I've just returned from spending NYE camping on a mountain and in less than 24 hours I fly to Osaka, so while I'm scampering about today in 40 degree heat wondering what the hell I should pack for a Japanese winter (hopefully free from further earthquakes), here's the latest fortnightly round-up of snippets and links of note. Previous editions of the fortnightly round-up are now archived: see the link in the right hand side panel.

The week before Christmas I attended a seminar at EDV Melbourne organised by 666 Pure Vodka where Sam Ross (former Melbourne bartender, now manager of Milk & Honey in New York and recently awarded American Bartender of the Year at the 2011 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards) described his bartending philosophy and shared various cocktail techniques to a mostly industry-only crowd. It was a really interesting session (I took lots of notes, nerd that I am).

Sam Ross cocktail seminar

Beautifully simple breakfast last week at Von Haus.

Breakfast at Von Haus

Just look at the little monster that came in my Hurricane last week at The LuWOW! I'm carrying him in my handbag for good luck.


Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! As heralded in my previous fortnightly round-up, new burger bar Huxtaburger opened the week before Christmas and is doing brisk business across the road from the three owners' other venue, Huxtable. May I suggest ordering the Denise - 'the hot one' - as she comes with jalapeƱos and Sriracha mayo ($9). Bear in mind that that the burgers are on the small size, so if you're really hungry you may want to order a version with double patties.


I hope all my readers had a happy and safe Christmas. Mine was lovely this year, celebrating with Dad's side of the family a week before and then with the Italian side of the family on Christmas day. On Christmas Day the menu consisted of:
- Sardele in saor (Venetian-style sardines), giardiniera (Italian pickled vegetables: Dad recently attended a session with Peter Demaio on preserving the Italian way and has become obsessed with pickling things) and homemade chicken terrine wrapped in prosciutto with capsicum relish
- White chocolate and strawberry mousse
- Panettone, Mum's shortbread, Mum's mince tarts

Family Christmas
Primo piattoPaella
Chicken terrinePreparing the mousse
CalendarioPanettone, shortbread, mince pies

Links of Note:

- Cindy and Michael from Where's the Beef work their way through the ENTIRE dessert menu at Cutler & Co (over more than one visit, I hasten to clarify). Have a look at the desserts Cutler is serving this summer - I'm keen to try the one with white chocolate mousse and beetroot ice cream.

- Brisbane cafe owner Josh uses his blog to share his list of good things to know if you’re opening a cafe anytime soon.

- Former vegetarian turned free-range pig farmer Tammois calls for vegans and ethical omnivores to unite in advocating for ethical/free-range animal agriculture, on Tammi Tasting Terroir.

- Wine blogger Andrea Frost imagines the conversation that took place when wine was invented, over on New Ruby Press.

- The natural wine movement: just noise? Alice Feiring has her say.

- Janice from e_ting the world tries to set aside the "world's best restaurant" hype and write about her dining experience at Noma.

- American food writer John Mariani writes about gin and dining out in Amsterdam in the latest edition of his Virtual Gourmet newsletter.

- My aunt Paola has started a blog dedicated to Northern Italian food, called italyonmymind. I will need to HAVE WORDS with her if she starts giving away too many of Nonna's culinary secrets...

- Authentic City is a website that celebrates creative design in cities around the world. The site has featured several Melbourne restaurants from a design perspective, most recently Middle Fish and My Mexican Cousin.

- Graphic designers Under Consideration write a blog called Art of the Menu, showcasing beautiful menus from restaurants around the world. Which Australian restaurant menus would you submit for consideration?


Teabie said...

Wow, what a coincidence! I follow your blog, and I got a surprise today when I saw Paula in your pics! We used to work together at WCHS. :)

Ziegbo said...

The Demaio book is terrific, and he's a really nice bloke. Walked into his surgery (he's a doctor) one day, struck up a conversation and he handed me a copy!

That paella looks terrific - Buster was salivating at the mouth just thinking about it a week later.

Ziegbo said...

PS - the chicken terrine looks magnificent!

Choux Choux said...

HUXTABURGER LOOKS AMAZING! I'm so keen to track this place down! I checked out their website and their prices are so reasonable!