Friday, 3 December 2010

North by NorthSouth, South Yarra

To brighten up this drizzly Friday morning: some totally gratuitous breakfast food porn. Oozing.

Eggs, salmon pastrami

NorthSouth Eatery
760 Chapel Street, South Yarra (map)
9827 6221
Sun-Tues 7am-5pm, Wed-Sat 7am-9pm

The food porn in question is a dish of two eggs poached at 60 degrees, salmon pastrami, dill and salmon roe ($16), enjoyed a few weekends ago at recent South Yarra addition NorthSouth Eatery.

I gotta tell you, this was one helluva breakfast. The cured salmon, sliced nice and thick, had a frosting made from a secret blend of herbs and spices along its edge. When pierced the slow poached eggs pulsated their yolks in slow motion across the plate, and the juicy salmon roe gave the dish bursts of texture and flavour.

Eggs, salmon pastrami

No less impressive was my dining companion's dish, the leek, zucchini and taleggio omelette ($12). At last, a photo of an omelette on Melbourne Gastronome that doesn't look boring! The pretty, pretty zucchini flowers are a huge help.

Leek, zucchini and taleggio omelette

NorthSouth combines the skills of Roger Fowler (longtime general manager at Stokehouse) and Ron O'Bryan (former chef at Church St Enoteca and SlowDown!@Harley Court). It's open every day for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner in the second half of the week. Having previously enjoyed Ron's food at Church St Enoteca, I'm keen to head back there soon to try the lunch/dinner menu. The wine list sounds promising too: it was put together by Jeremy Shiell (sommelier at the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld).

The name NorthSouth suits given its location, at the very northern tip of South Yarra. DJ and I live only a stone's throw away across the river, and we consider anything south of Swan Street and north of Toorak Road to be in the 'demilitarized zone' in Melbourne's North Side/South Side culture wars. Yarra DMZ, represent!


As a bonus, NorthSouth supplies Sugadeaux Cupcakes (try the salted caramel, the red velvet and the Mexican chili choc) made by the Cupcake Queen herself, my good friend Jess. And don't let the photo of my wussy weak latte deceive you: NorthSouth makes excellent REAL coffee too!

NorthSouthWeak latte


anewexposure said...

Those photos are AWESOME ! time for breakfast I think.

Eating Melbourne said...

Om nom nom. We three must brunch it up there again soon!

Christie said...

Great to hear your thoughts Claire!

Roger & I are really proud NS & it's great to get feedback.

Look forward to seeing you again soon & I must agree that Jess's cupcakes are THE BEST!

Emily said...

Great photos - you are loving the new camera huh!

Anonymous said...

Great Post and pics M'selle...

..this is my new fav local - fab food, friendly service, great coffee AND bonus Sugadeaux Cupcakes (also groovy winelist from @DunkeldJez)

On a completely unrelated point, the word verification to complete this comment is 'fachan', as in - @NthSouth is 'fachan' awesome !!

Anonymous said...

ah!!! another breakky/brunch place for my list hehe. thanks!!

CC11 said...

That definitely is NOT a boring looking omelette - yum!

susan said...

I love oozing egg photos! I want some of that salmon now!

mrs_kan said...

We can't wait to eat there! is it family friendly? high chairs etc?

AugustDiners said...

The photos are amazing! This looks like a worthy breakfast joint! and the EGGS is orgasmic!

Anonymous said...

Your opening hours might need to be updated. They only opened at 9am this morning (3/4/2011)