Wednesday 9 December 2009

Brunching in St Kilda? Call on Miss Jackson

Miss Jackson
2/19 Grey Street, St Kilda (map)
9534 8415

Miss Jackson

Last week I met up with the lovely Jess (aka Sugadeaux) for brunch. She suggested Miss Jackson, a cafe on the corner of Grey and Jackson Streets in St Kilda that I'd heard plenty about, but never before visited. I'm so glad we did.

Miss Jackson

It's housed in a handsome century-old building that was once a bank. Outside are a handful of outside tables on the courtyard deck. The interior consists of a row of small interconnecting rooms with white-painted walls and an elegantly minimalist, relaxed air.

Miss Jackson

The menu listed two kinds of Bloody Marys ($5/$10): virgin or superstar dj. No prizes for guessing which kind we ordered.

Superstar DJ Bloody Marys

Jess ordered the grilled asparagus with poached eggs, prosciutto and parmesan ($13). I just *loved* the way the prosciutto was snugly wrapped around the asparagus spears!

Char grilled asparagus

I wanted something savoury but didn't feel like eggs, so I ordered the corn fritters with bacon, avocado and roasted vine tomatoes ($13). How gorgeous do those vine tomatoes look??! I didn't want to disturb them, but then my hunger got the better of me. A fab brunch dish - the corn in the fritters was nice and juicy, and the relish on the side went with it nicely.

Corn fritters

We also enjoyed our coffees (Allpress) and chattering away with Steve the owner. Both Jess and I are keen to go back again soon to sample some of the other brunch menu items (eg the ricotta pancakes with strawberries and lemon curd... the warm citrus salad with yoghurt pannacotta... or maybe the herb scrambled eggs with homemade corn bread). As Jess said, you know you like a place when there are about five things on the menu that equally tempt you!

Miss Jackson magazines


Barbarella said...

the scrambled eggs on cornbread (huuuge serve) and herb omelette with soft goats cheese also amazing...definitely worth a try! after seeing your picture of the corn cakes that has to be my next breakfast there.

Mat said...

Now that I'm a part time local to here I also can recomend the steak sandwhich,the chicken wrap(oh my god sooo good)the corned beef sandwhich is amazing but it's very filling so eat slow.Actually everything have had has been damn good also They have nice service A real friendly bunch.

Unknown said...

Wow Grey street used to be so dodgy sounds like it is now dodgy and cool as well - putting this on the list of places to try in Melbourne

Zardoz said...

Wow... when did they put that there?

I must admit that I still try and limit my Grey St "exposure" time (since it is still bogan-by-the-bay) so I guess its my fault for missing it.

penny aka jeroxie said...

I will make it down since I've been reading and heard only good things. plus it support #SSEATS

Anonymous said...

love Miss Jackson's. Food is always great & atmosphere is friendly and fun. Great, awesome cafe.

Abu Dhabi restaurants said...

wow... the grilled asparagus with poached eggs, prosciutto and parmesan looks delish! heading to melbourne in january so scoping out good food spots now. your blog has been a great help. thanks for this and the other reviews! bon appetit!

claire said...

Thanks Barbarella, will keep it in mind for my next visit.

Thanks for your tips Mat. I really liked the service there too.

Worth checking out next time you're back home for a visit, GC!

Ha, "bogan-by-the-bay"... but that's not Miss Jackson, Zardoz :)

Recommended, Penny and agreed, Anonymous!

No worries ADR! Enjoy your January visit to Melbourne.

Pam said...

Love Miss Jackson! Not only are Steve and Matt great hosts, but they have a wonderful community spirit. You can get their recipe for those delightful corn fritters in this year's edition of the Relish cookbook (which publishes recipes from local St Kilda and surrounding suburbs restaurants & cafe's - and every cent of the $15 you pay goes to charity....great buy!). Check out to see if there are any copies left, or try Readings bookshop.