Sunday 29 November 2009

I LOVE the steamed pork buns at Cutler & Co

Cutler & Co
55-57 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (map)
9419 4888

Cutler & Co

The steamed pork buns at Cutler & Co are filled with suckling pig and ever-so-slightly caramelised shallots. The suckling pig, with skin removed, has been braised for about 12 hours. The buns are served with black bean and Shanghai chilli vinegar. They are utterly delicious: the closest Melbourne equivalent to the justifiably-famous pork buns I had at Momofuku Ssam in New York when I visited in June.

Steamed pork buns

It just so happens that David Chang, the chef from Momofuku Ssam (my favourite New York restaurant!), will be collaborating with Andrew McConnell (my favourite Melbourne chef!) in creating a very special dinner at Cutler's sister restaurant Cumulus Inc during the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

I CAN'T TELL YOU how much I want to attend that dinner.

The steamed pork buns are $12 and are served on the bar menu at Cutler. I've extolled the virtues of the more formal Cutler restaurant menu before, but allow me now to sing the praises of some of the other 'small eats' dishes on offer in the front bar. On my most recent visit the crostini of chorizo, octopus and aioli ($6) were a mouth-watering spicy/piquant/fresh starter, and the pressed quail terrine ($16) ensorcelled me almost as much as the pheasant terrine at Cumulus Inc did a few months ago.

Chorizo, octopus and aioliPressed quail terrine

The wagyu bresaola ($15) is a replica from the Cumulus menu - the fresh squiggly shavings of horseradish continue to complement the beef beautifully. We also ordered a dish of smoked tomato, zucchini flowers, fromage blanc and fresh tarragon ($15), which we loved.

Wagyu bresaolaSmoked tomato

Sigh. Remind me when the tickets for the Chang/McConnell dinner go on sale?


penny aka jeroxie said...

I must get tickets. I must make a return to Cutler & Co soon. I love the look of those buns.

Anonymous said...

Having also enjoyed the buns at Momofuku Sssam - on Melbourne Gastronome's recommendation - I am lookingforward to these babies!

claire said...

Hi Anonymous, very happy that you had (and enjoyed) the Momofuku buns on my recommendation!

Jess said...

Hmm, I like the steamed pork buns, but I do find them a little flat and despite the richness of the pork belly adding that extra hug that you want, I think it does something a little whack with the texture, ie- has very little.

And yes, we must to the dinner, go.