Sunday 1 February 2009

Bye bye Greenhouse and a food blogger reminder


Ah Greenhouse, it was fun while it lasted, n'est-ce pas? The woman I spoke to at bttb said that given Greenhouse's success, there are many different ideas currently floating around to bring it back someday, so hopefully we'll see the return of Greenhouse in some shape or form at some stage in the future.

Oh, and for all food bloggers out there - especially those whose blogs are either brand new or long dormant - a reminder that the Melbourne food blogger picnic and BBQ, organised by Duncan, Sarah and Thanh, is on this Saturday (see details and leave an RSVP message here). I'll be going to an art class later on that afternoon (burlesque life drawing!), but will be at the picnic for a few hours at least. I have no idea what to bring - looks like someone has already nabbed the idea of fancy mini quiches, dammit! What to make??


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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I don't know if your seeking ideas but at my brother-in-laws birthday drinks on Saturday my sister made two frittatas one with slices of potato (probably boiled to start off with) and sauteed leek... the other was mint and zucchini (maybe the green ends of some scallions sorry I didn't ask her) both were served cold in small wedges and around 1 to 1.5 cm thick, so very delicious - particularly with a nice beer. Anyway they were an idea that I've tucked away for future picnics, soiree's and casual dinners etc.

Anyway maybe it's too similar to quiches but they were so light (and I'm someone who easily gets egg regret) that I was scoffing the things down like I hadn't eaten all day.