Sunday 7 December 2008

Sorry Mum, no "pants on fire" pun

Liar Liar
6/769 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn (map)
9818 8864
Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch

Liar Liar

Went to Liar Liar with Mum and Dad a few weekends ago - remember that crazy Saturday when it was sunny but there was a torrential downpour and then it stopped, and then it hailed? Actually, come to think of it, that's pretty normal by Melbourne standards...

Liar Liar

Liar Liar is infinitely cooler than all of the cafes I used to walk past along Glenferrie Road every morning when I was a schoolgirl over a decade ago. We arrived at mid-morning prime time... the place was packed.

Liar Liar

The guys at Liar Liar are very coffee-focussed: they use Five Senses coffee on a Clover machine (from before Clover sold out to Starbucks, natch). Alas I can't drink strong coffee, but I must say that Dad's macchiato looked fantastic.

Liar Liar macchiato

Mum had the Liar Liar Scramble ($14), which does not have eggs but does have tomato, olives, feta, red onion, avocado, lemon and garlic oil scrambled together and served on five grain bread. If I hadn't had an unusually sweet tooth that morning I would definitely have ordered this - it's almost a puttanesca on toast!

Liar Liar toast

I went for the Ricotta Hot Cakes with lemon curd and passion fruit ($15.50). As you can see, the hot cakes were monstrously big, but were fluffy and delicious. Great lemon curd too, but the passion fruit syrup was a bit overpowering - wish it had been a bit more subtle.

Liar Liar ricotta hotcakes

Dad had the Salmon Scramble ($12.50): scrambled egg with smoked salmon and goats cheese served on five grain bread. The scrambles were decadent (no doubt HIGHLY sinful) and tasted great with the goat.

Liar Liar eggs

For all the coolness of the cafe, our waitress was completely friendly and charming. She was from Perth and asked me lots of questions about my recent trip there - when I showed her the photos on my camera of Cott Beach, she got very homesick... and later on brought another Perth waitress over and asked whether she could see the photos too! :)

Liar Liar caffee latte


bunchesmcginty said...

Oh, good coffee makes me so happy.

Too bad I have a slight anxiety about leaving the city grid, I can't remember the last time I caught public transport!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I think i'd like to try it out for brekky! It's nice and close to me and the puttanesca-type scramble looks amazing! Thanks for the review!

claire said...

So bunches, when was the last time you were in... ZONE TWO of the public transport system??

No worries Em, check it out soon and let me know what you think!