Tuesday 28 October 2008

Go West!

Go West

Yep, I'm taking advantage of Melbourne Cup Day and using a day of annual leave to ensure a loooong weekend, but will forgo tottering around Flemington wearing a fascinator on my head - instead I'm leaving on a jet plane on Friday and visiting Perth for four days! Yay!

I've never been to WA before, but I'm going with Schatzi and her hubby M, who lived for years in Subiaco. Schatzi said that after all the times I've introduced her to my favourite spots in Melbourne, she's looking forward to returning the favour for me in her old 'hood... :)

Does anyone have any good Perth food/cafe/bar recommendations they care to share? These are completely uncharted waters for me. I think on one of the nights we'll be having fish and chips on Cottesloe Beach, but that's all I know at this stage!


Anonymous said...

Had a great meal at Halo a few weeks ago. It sits on the pier overlooking the Swan River (spectacular), and the food is mod oz. I had to die for seared esperance scallops, shaved local abalone and hand made squid ink angel pasta. Stunning.

A little pricey, but good for a relaxed, refined dining experience. I'd advise booking as well.

The Food Pornographer has some good reviews, especially of hawkerish type foods.

Hope you have fun!

Anonymous said...

It might be worth looking at Chocolate & Zucchini from earlier in the year as lots of Perth foodies made great suggestions when Clotilde was coming to Perth for the writers festival.
Great cafes - check out cafe-grendel.blogspot.com for Grendel's map of WA cafes.
Hope you have fun over here - beware, Cup day is huge amongs the "ladies who lunch" set, and most restaurants are packed on Tuesday. Plan to skip lunch, or pack a picnic and head to the hills!

Anonymous said...

Cool - I am in Perth this weekend too (but will be busy at my sister's wedding)and I am from Perth orginally. Definitely check out the Fremantle markets on the weekend - the cafe strip is also great there, as well as the fresh fish near the water (try Cicerello's).
Otherwise Beaufort St, Mt Lawley has a great cafe scene.

Anonymous said...

I must recommend Namh Thai in Northbridge - it's small and poorly lit (or atmospheric, depending on your point of view), but the mod-Thai cuisine is spot on. It wasn't quite as nice as Longrain, it is BYO. I'd recommend a couple of nice bottles of Margaret River sem sauv and having a crack at red duck curry with lychee and soft shell crab with watermelon salad - I doubt you'll leave disappointed. Also, it's a bit cliched, but Little Creatures down at Freo is always worth an afternoon session.

Lucy said...

Hey Claire... Wow lucky you, getting out of town for the crazy cup weekend :) I don't mind a bit of fascinator action, but I'm not one for totting around the racetrack in heels all day long :)

Hey... pity you're away as I wanted to invite you to new bar my partner is opening in Brunswick this weekend! It's been a labour of love for him and his business partners, he has designed and built the interior himself... alas no food on the menu (yet), just drinks, but would love to see you down there sometime if you're ever in the North! It's called Mr Wilkinson - 295 Lygon st Brunswick East.

Hope you can pop in sometime :) if so please say hello... I feel I'm destined to spend most evenings there in the coming weeks!

Lucy :)

Anonymous said...


I missed the boat (only just having read your request for Perth tips), but I thought I would list them anyway. I only get to Perth a couple of times of year, so I could be out of date, but the following a worth a mention
- Duende in Leederville for tapas
- Lamonts in East Perth
- Beaches in Cottesloe for coffee/breakfast
- Jean-Claude's in Subiaco for bread and pastries
- the crepe place in Freo markets

I agree with POP!shonelle to a point, it can be difficult to get a good coffee or breakfast after 10am. However there are some great places - you just have to hunt them out.


claire said...

A big thank you to everyone who left me tips! Alas I didn't have much time to seek many venues out (tried Tiger Tiger on Cup Day around 3pm but it was closed - ???? - and really wanted to try Namh Thai but on our last night a big group booking had already been made down in Freo)... but I did have a fantastic time, and will be writing up a few places soon! :)

liv said...

that chick looks hot