Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wot's all this then?

Regular readers may have noticed that the layout of Melbourne Gastronome has been all over the place the last few days. I really wasn't happy with the look of the blog, so have been playing around with it - thank you for your patience. And a big thank you also to Chris Zissiadis, whose Hockneyesque image now adorns the Melbourne Gastronome header. Do yourself a favour and check out the very talented Ziz's photographs here, here and here.

If anyone has any difficulties viewing the new-look site, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

Terrific new photo, congrats.

You must try (if you haven't already) a new place (open two weeks ago today) in the City Square called La Vita Buona. It's a delicatessen/wine bar/wine shop on the same principle as Wine Shop, but much more reasonably priced on what is an excellent choice of Old and New World wines. There is an enormous selection of wine and you can drink it there at $15 more.

The difference is that the base price here is much lower, being a true retail price, e.g. 2000 Chateau du Courlat from St Emilion (a bottle of which a friend and I shared last night) is $32 per bottle, the same price as at Europa Cellars. A whole lot of wines are under $30 and even under $20, and you can have any bottle in a 500ml carafe if you don't want to drink the entire bottle. The balance (if you choose to finish it off, you'll just be charged the bottle price) will be available by the glass to the others and, if not finished, will be polished off by the staff later on (as we were told).

Very pleasant atmosphere; not unlike one of those cavernous places in the centre of Perugia - warm, darkish, exposed brick, a few nooks and crannies.

The staff are young, friendly and knowledgeable - even a little cheeky but in a totally pleasant way.

A good, small selection of well-priced snaky food - salumi (no bresaola that I could see last night, I'm afraid!), a few cheese specials, good smoked salmon. And I think there is also a proper main dish every night at around the $18-20 mark.

Sorry for the staccato delivery, but I thought you would really enjoy this place.


Agnes said...

Looking good, Claire :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug, image looks nice, all the best with the continued success of your blog, thanks for the tips,.. I'm hungry.

claire said...

Andrew - glad you like the photo and thanks for the recommendation. It sounds like you've already written it up for me! La Vita Buona sounds divine, will arrange to go there with a friend on night next week. And as for bresaola, I bought some in a vacuum sealed pack the other weekend at the Abbottsford Convent market and opened it up last night - had some with parmigiano shavings and a drizzle of EVOO - exquisite!

Why thanks Agnes! You're looking pretty good yourself - love the rounded corners on your banner image... :)

No worries Chris, thanks once again for the image! I hope the posts will continue to keep you hungry...

Johanna GGG said...

great new visual claire - and I love your new avatar photo (if that is the right word for it)

Frankster said...

Hi Claire. Yup, love your new banner photo! Look forward to future recommendations and more great reads...

Simon said...

I like the new look! Nice and open, fresh and almost sunny (something we need in the middle of winter).

I'll also give a very enjoyable nod to La Vita Buona. Had a lovely nibble of an "open baguette" there the other night for just $8. Your choice of chorizo, salami, jamon or prosciutto with some slices of thick fresh bread drizzled in olive oil and served with rocket salad and aioli.

I've also noticed a bottle of Grand Marnier Cuvée du Centenaire open on the counter for $15 a nip. It's on my to-do list now.

The experience is even better if you somehow serendipitously coincide your visit with the artistic director of the MIAF Kristy Edmonds :)

claire said...

Hi Johanna - glad you like the avatar photo... but I like yours better!

Thanks Towser, looking forward to reading lots more from you too :)

Glad you like the new look, Simon... Okay, you and Andrew have badgered me into (very happily) deciding to go along to check out La Vita Buona midweek. To accompany me I have invited O, who is most appreciative of good wine and food. I'll report back soon!