Sunday 17 February 2008

King / Bourke Quest Part 13: Cafe Sonex

Café Sonex
324 King St, Melbourne (map)
9642 2033

Wednesday was a momentous day. Not only did I attend Federation Square to watch/hear this guy speak...

Rudd's Apology speech at Fed Square

...but then at lunchtime I found a cafe only a few blocks from King and Bourke that serves pho! Whoo hoo!!

Pho at Cafe Sonex

My colleague L had tipped me off about this place. Cafe Sonex, up on King St just before Latrobe St and the Gardens, is to all intents and purposes just another sandwich/take-away cafe (fresh salad rolls made to order, bland-looking pasta stewing in the bain marie, etc). But L had espied a small placard on the end of the counter depicting a fresh bowl of pho for $7.50, and sure enough pho is on the menu! C and I went there on Wednesday and yummed up two bowls of the stuff. Not quite as good as at Mekong, but still pretty good. Good to know I no longer have to go halfway across the CBD when the next pho craving hits...

Cafe Sonex

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