Monday 12 November 2007

Dumplings Galore!

Chinatown Dumpling
Shop 3, 254 Swanston Street, Melbourne (map)
9663 3893

There are times when all you and your friends want is an ORGY OF DUMPLINGS. This is the all-dumpling lunch Buster, Will and I had a few weeks ago.

Chinatown Dumpling

Chinatown Dumpling is located next door to Cookie on Swanston Street (appropriately enough, the one Chinese restaurant in the CBD that has the word 'Chinatown' in its name is technically not located IN Chinatown). It's just as cheap as the infamous Camy Shanghai Dumpling in Tattersalls Lane (to be blogged about soon) - from memory each ginormous plate of dumplings will cost you no more than about $6.50 - but Chinatown Dumpling is cleaner, the kitchen is on display and the staff aren't so unfriendly...

Fried dumplings at Chinatown Dumpling

Of course, we always order a serve of fried dumplings. On our most recent visit, we tried the slightly odd-sounding prawn/chicken fried dumplings - the Chinese equivalent of surf n turf, or surf n barnyard, perhaps? They were bloody tasty, and not gritty the way they sometimes are chez Camy.

Chilli oil dumplings at Chinatown Dumpling

Next up was my favourite - the dish I am unable to resist whenever I walk into any dumpling house - Chilli Oil Dumplings. Steamed dumplings (in this case, pork and chive) in piping hot broth with a splash of chilli oil floating on the surface. Buster and I basically go nuts every time we order this dish - we ladle dumplings with broth into our little bowls, add healthy dashes of soy sauce, vinegar sauce and lots more chilli sauce until our taste buds are begging for pre-emptive mercy, then pick up our chopsticks and ATTACK! Soooooo good...

Steamed dumplings at Chinatown Dumpling

We also got some steamed dumplings - we chose the veggie ones, which had mushroom and cabbage in them and were tasty and juicy, albeit with dumpling casing/pastry that was slightly chewier than usual.

We didn't order the Crisp 'Fired' Duck (see below)... might get that next time... :)

Crisp 'Fired' Duck at Chinatown Dumpling


Vida said...

These look yummy, Claire. I do miss working in the city and having yummy lunches like that... will have to go in for dinner instead... where there's a will, there's a way, right?!?! Vida x

Stephen said...

Hi, if you like that, have you tried the others on Little Bourke Street? One of my favourite places is called Shanghai Village on Little Bourke Street, between Russell and Exhibition. It's on the lonsdale street side of little bourke and is probably the only white painted building there.

Let me know if you try it. I quite enjoyed the food there.. Only problem is, it can get quite full and may take a while to get to your food.

Good luck!

Hungry Hamster said...

Ooh! Thanks for blogging about this! I walked pass it so many times, and have always wanted to try it!

Another place to try for my next lunch!

claire said...

Vida: yes, head on in for dinner, they're open nice and late - we stumbled in there last Friday night at about 10:30pm and they were still going strong!

Stephen: Ah, a man after my own heart - I looove Shanghai Village! Especially their chilli oil dumplings, friendly staff and bright pink walls... I was going to mention them in the post I'm writing about Shanghai Dumpling. But in the meantime, here's a review of Shanghai Village that mellie wrote... :)
ps Stephen do you also have a blog? Your name is in blue but the link won't take me anywhere!

Hungry Hamster: Do it! Unlike at Shanghai Dumpling, I've never had a dodgy experience at Chinatown Dumpling. They also do a few Hawker style dishes, eg char kway(quay/koay) teow. Enjoy!

Stephen said...

Hi Mute monkey, no i don't have a blog, i don't have time for one, or the literary elequonce to keep one interesting! but i love my food, and if you don't mind, i'll just add comments to your blogs as you find them. It seems that we have similiar tastes, so hopefully i can add helpful comments!

claire said...

Just went for another mini dunpling orgy with a friend at lunchtime today. It was great once again, and I think they've put something more aromatic in the chilli oil dumplings broth...

I welcome your continued comments on my blog, Stephen! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I know this is more of a restaurant review blog but I thought you might like to try this recipe:

A few serves of dumpling (can be substituted with pho)
Cocktails to taste

It's an old favourite of mine...

claire said...

You + me + dumpling/pho + cocktails (eg dirty, DIRTY martinis) = bliss!!

Can't wait til you return to Oz, klerre!! xx

Unknown said...

Hi - Any vegetarian options at this place? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes they do have vegetarian dumplings here...if you don't mind chives that is :)